Ah, creative block. The bane of any artist’s existence. We all go through it at some point or another. I’ve had plenty of my own struggles with creative block over the years. You know what I mean—when you just can't get your creative juices flowing and you feel like your entire career depends on it. And sometimes it does. Which is why I want to share five ways to combat creative block with you.

Here are my Favourite Ways To Combat Creative Block

1. Look to external inspo 

This can include architecture, nature, books, or magazines. Even movies can be great sources of inspiration! My personal favourite thing to do when I’m going through a creative block is to flip through a magazine or read a book about a completely new topic! It never hurts to expose yourself to something unfamiliar.

2. Go old school

Where do all creatives go for inspo? Pinterest. Well, let’s switch it up. I say go old school and look at magazines, photography books, art galleries, and museums. Looking at a physical photo, painting, or sculpture has a different effect. It makes you look at an art piece differently and allows you to explore your creative options while thinking outside the box.

3. Create for fun!

Take some time to create for fun, with no goal or desired outcome. If you’re a photographer, pick a random object and try to photograph it. Play around with the lighting, the props, and your composition until you get something you like. Do the same when you get to the editing stage. Try a style you haven’t done before. After all, you might surprise yourself. And maybe discover that you like something better than what’s familiar. 

4. Stop comparing

This one’s easier said than done. Especially when there are infographics all over social media telling creatives not to compare themselves to each other! I struggle with this myself—particularly when I choose to follow other creatives online. I look up to them or admire their work and inevitably end up comparing myself to them since I’m not at their level. At least, according to me. 

When I end up making these comparisons, I know it’s time to practice some of the other things on this list. It definitely helps to put things in perspective. Plus, it’s an amazing learning experience! So stop comparing and figure out your own unique creativity.

5. Try something different

Try something outside of your usual medium. If you’re a photographer, take a pottery class or do a few paintings. Maybe start a blog and flex your writing muscles! Stepping outside of your comfort zone will give you a chance to use different parts of your brain, which could spark inspiration at the least expected time and help combat that pesky creative block.

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If you’ve given these a chance and you’re still struggling creatively, my best advice is to give yourself a break. Really disconnect for a while to give yourself time to rest and recharge!

As always, thank you so much for reading along. Let me know in the comments if you found it helpful. And if you have any tips of your own for combating creative block, please leave a comment for other folks to try!