Take a look inside my camera bag

Hello hello! Welcome to my revived blog! If you remember my pre-pandemic blog, you’ll remember the two posts I had up when I wasn’t sure if I was a food photographer, or a wannabe blogger. Well, now I know exactly what I want to do and here I am. I want to write for fellow photographers to help them with some commonly discussed topics such as this one, but I also want to help potential clients, or existing clients that may not be familiar with the photography world (it can be very intense).

I always love seeing what other people pack in their camera bags, so I thought I’d share what I pack in my camera bag, whether it's a shoot on location or gear I like to have handy for a shoot at my home studio.

When I originally started my photography journey, I was shooting on a Sony Alpha and soon switched to a Canon Rebel T3i. I worked with the T3i until 2019 and upgraded to a Canon 5D Mk II, which I still use today!

The Gear

Let's get right into it. These are my current camera must haves:

That’s it! While I don’t always bring all of the above to a shoot, I like to have them handy when I’m shooting in my studio. Thank you so much for tuning in. I’d love to hear what you have in your camera bag, or if you have something I should add to my bag!