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I’m all about capturing the essence of beauty, skincare, wellness, and lifestyle products with vibrant, eye-catching shots. My mission? To help your business thrive by boosting engagement and sales. Let’s craft visuals that not only look amazing but also make your brand truly shine!

Hi! I'm Jeeval

The face behind Jeeval Tailor Photo. Based in Toronto, Based in Toronto, I love capturing the essence of beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products. My goal is to create stunning visuals that make your brand stand out and shine. Whether it’s sleek skincare or chic home essentials, I’ve got you covered. Ready to elevate your product photos? Dive into my portfolio or see how Jeeval Tailor Photo can bring your products to life!

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Pretty Paperse

Jeeval, you're a QUEEN of your craft. This whole experience has been incredible and I'm so happy I found you to help me elevate my brand through photos. thank you for EVERYTHING!!! Honestly, I have no words. I'm just thoroughly happy and blown away!

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Santos & Cruz

Thank you so much Jeeval! I am honestly always so AMAZED by how beautiful your images are and how skilled you are! I'm seriously so in love with all of your work! Amazing!!

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Happy Coconut Candle Co.

Thank you again for always doing such an amazing job and capturing my vision! Thank you! It means so much to me, I'm so lucky to have such an awesome photographer!

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Kristy Peneria

UGH OBSESSED. I am in love with myself, you literally captured me so perfectly - I could cry

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