Services and FAQs

Choose from the services below to create a custom project based on what you need for your business!

Styled Photography

Styled product photography uses colour palettes, props and textures that are specific to your brand. They create a feeling of “I need this” from your customers.

Starts at $1500

Ecommerce Photography

A standard for any online business. These photos showcase the product you’re selling as it is. Simple and clean images that can be repurposed across many platforms and marketing materials.

Starts at $500

Branding Photography

These are the photos that show off your personality. Who are you? What is your brand about? Use these to give your customers a sense of who they’re purchasing from!

Starts at $450

GIFs and Video

A short video featuring your product or service is a great way to get more eyes on your brand, especially with the rise in video use! There’s no denying that GIFs and videos catch the eye.

Starts at $350

Food Photography

Good food photography can be the deciding factor for someone choosing where to eat that day! Whether you go for a styled image or a simple photo of your dish - getting a drool worthy image is a must for your business!

Starts at $1000


What kinds of products do you shoot?

A.Almost anything! I do love shooting skincare, makeup, jewelry and home goods - but I also love a good challenge!

What is your turnaround time? When will I get my photos?

A.The short answer is 2-3 weeks. With each project there are a variety of factors that can affect this timeline, but if everything goes to plan - you can expect your final images 3 weeks after finalizing your selections!

How do I get my products to you? Will you send them back?

A.If you’re based in Toronto, you can arrange to have them dropped off to my home studio. If you’re outside of Toronto, you can mail them to my studio. I’ll arrange to have them returned to you either way unless you’d like me to hold on to them for future shoots at no extra cost.

What usage rights do I have on the images? Who owns them?

A.I provide licensing to all of my clients for a specified time period and usage. I ask for your usage during our discovery to accurately quote you for the usage you’d like. If you ever need to extend the usage across platforms or for a longer time period, let me know and I can add those fees to your project.

Can I attend a shoot?

A.Any shoots at my home studio are remote, so clients cannot be on set. If we book a studio space for your shoot, you are more than welcome to join and provide input through the day. Remote shoots have the option of live updates through the day.

What payment methods do you accept?

A.I accept most major credit cards and E-transfers

What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

A.There is a cancellation / rescheduling fee to all booked & confirmed shoots to ensure I can make up the costs of loosing a project in that time period.

What do I need to include in my shot list and mood board?

A.Your shot list should have a list of the products you’re looking to photograph and a rough idea of how you’d like them photographed. Don’t worry too much about the details since I’m here to help with creative direction. Your mood board can be a selection of images from brands that inspire you. photos with the lighting you’d like to have in your shoot, colours you’d like in your shoot. Any inspo goes on the mood board!

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