First of all, what is branding photography? And why should you invest in it? For starters, branding photography can consist of many different kinds of photos! Including the product photography you might already be spending your (hard-earned) dollars on. However, this post is specifically about photos that showcase you, the owner of a business that you’ve put so much hard work into. 

What branding photography is not is a LinkedIn headshot session or a strictly posed school photo. Boring! They are meant to be fun photos that show off your personality. Who are you? What is your brand about? As well as give your customers a sense of who they’re purchasing from!

Personally, I invest in two branding photography sessions per year. Why? 

  1. So I can have a growing library of images to choose from
  2. I can put myself in the clients shoes, I learn so much from these shoots that I pass along to my clients

 I recommend at least one a year to my clients. Even if it’s just an hour long session. You’d be surprised how much we can accomplish in an hour.

So, let’s get into why branding photography is so important and all the ways you can use these photos! From social media to your website and everything in between.

3 Reasons to Invest in Branding Photography

Humanizes your brand

Showing yourself and putting a face to the brand helps your customers connect with you on a human level. It’s more personal. Have you ever seen a website or social media page with no personal photos? It can work for some brands, but it’s not ideal. Especially for smaller brands. People are more likely to put their trust in you when they can see the person behind the product. Use this to your advantage to build a better relationship with your customers and clients!

Elevates your brand and makes it legit

Having professional photos of yourself will have the same effect that professional product photos do! They elevate your brand. They elevate you. Would you trust a brand that posted blurry photos? Or only selfies? What about no personal photos at all? No. A major reason to invest in branding photography is the legitimacy it lends to your online persona. Take your business to the next level with high quality images!

Solidifies your brand identity

This is probably the most important reason. If you already have professional product photography for your brand, these branding photos will close the circle on your brand identity. We love a confident queen who knows who she is! People will be able to tell immediately that this is part of your brand, especially if you use the same photographer each time. Wink, wink — book a session here!

Did I mention that these shoots are super fun? Because they are! It’s a great way to spend an hour or so in a few different outfits, get your glam on, and put on your favorite playlist while getting some great photos of yourself. Not sure how your shoot will go? Check out my post featuring tips and tricks to help your branding photography shoot go that much better. You got this.

There you have it, my short and sweet post to remind you to invest in branding photography! And yourself, of course. If you’d like to book a session with me, fill out this form and we can get started. See you soon!